It’s Time For Some Madness

I don’t know much about NCAA basketball. What I do know is that my bracket is 100% correct, and I’ll tell you why. I didn’t choose teams based on research or how they are playing right now. I didn’t select a higher seed over lower seed because they have mismatches all over the court. No, I chose teams based on a random process known as the spray and pray. The spray and pray technique consists of closing your eyes, hitting the mouse a bunch of times, and moving onto the next round.

MADDHowever, I don’t have any wild picks this year, everything is rather cookie cutter. I do have number one seed Gonzaga bombing out in the Sweet 16 because my Alma Mater San Diego State beat them a few years ago. I also needed to lose a number one seed. Sorry Gonzaga, you had to go. But don’t worry Zags, Kansas will be joining you in that Sweet 16 pity party after losing to Michigan. Why you might ask? Well I know more about football, and Kansas would definitely lose to Michigan in football. Following that genius logic, I have Florida crushing Michigan and then cruising past Indiana to the final.

In the Final they will meet another number one seed, Louisville. Thankfully Billy Donovan doesn’t win another championship and Louisville wins by 7 points. The final score will be 56 to 49, not a point higher or lower, I stake my very made-up reputation on this bracket. And when I’m wrong, I’ll have the satisfaction knowing that my bracket based on nothing will do as well as most others, because that’s the beauty of this NCAA Tournament: you can never truly predict the madness.

Click here to see my bracket ESPN – Tournament Challenge – Jason3231989 1


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